THE CEO Workshop

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You will gain insight into the minds of other CEOs while learning the principles and practical methods for mastering the think-feeling and behavioral progression. You will also forge meaningful long-lasting relationships.

This foundation of trust and self-inquiry has also often led to business opportunities inter-company and between other companies as a natural outcome of this shared meaningful journey.

The CEO Workshop Setup


To be considered a participant, applicants must be a CEO, president, or a recognized authority in their given industry.

The Workshops include 10 Modules and are customized for each group. These sessions are limited to 6 participants per Workshop.

Please see the outline for the suggested Modules below to be included in the CEO Workshop.

“As an experienced executive with over 25 years in the financial services industry both globally and in South Africa, I initially approached David’s course with a fair degree of skepticism. Having now spent a considerable amount of time with David in his various workshops, I have realized that a lot of preconceived ideas and thoughts about leadership and self were lacking in real substance and different and more efficient learnings are needed for the challenges of leadership in the third decade of the 21st Century and beyond. David’s patient and considered approach worked very well indeed in unpacking the layers of earlier learnings and perceptions and all the while building on new concepts of critical thinking. His clear and concise style, coupled with fast-moving thoughts and ideas make for an exciting journey. At no part did I feel left behind and soon realized that I was in the company of a deep-seated subject expert who has a vast array of knowledge at his fingertips. I strongly recommend David and his various courses for any individual or company who wishes to invest so as to be able to develop, grow and face the challenges of the ever-developing world around us.”

Rob Katz

CEO, Peregrine

The CEO Workshop Modules

In this Workshop, the Modules will be customized based on the following outline.

Module 1

What determines our feelings? Do external events and pressures determine our feelings and levels of stress?

Module 2

What are our different systems of thinking and how can we identify them? Discover the source of cognitive distortions, bias, and underlying thinking patterns.

Module 3

What determines the level of our feelings – sad vs depressed, concerned vs anxious, and angry vs enraged?

Module 4

The art of feeling your feelings without resistance. How can we change the level of our feelings going forward in a scientific and mindful way?

Module 5

Why do we have such a hard time breaking bad habits although we may really want to do so badly? The key to breaking all bad habits.

Module 6

How to create a values mission statement and cost-benefit analysis of your goals so you can get what you really want?

Module 7

Who am I really? How to think in a more objective and non-biased way?

Module 8

Practicing effective communication without people-pleasing and addressing push-back

Module 9

Is there free choice and how does it tie into our self-concept and decision-making?

Module 10

Applying two practical methods to reduce intense feelings & stress, break habits and communicate effectively.

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